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Website design to meet today's business challenges.

Garnering awareness and acquiring customers is one of the great challenges of building a business. It's fair to say that any customer that finds your business or website is highly valuable to you, and you want to hold on to them as long as possible. That's where the idea of a database comes in. So why keep a list of your customers? Well, because they are your best source for future revenue and word of mouth. Who better to announce your newest product line to than the people who loved your last product line? Who better to spread the word about your new service than those who've used it previously?

We build modern business websites with fresh-out-the-box infrastructure.

Technology is always changing, and it's well known that when it comes to tech, the latest and greatest gadget you bought today could possibly be obsolete the next week. This is usually just one of those things you need to accept as part of business - but what if you could avoid that issue all together?

Future-proofing your business website is about being ready to take advantage of new technology. It's about forging ahead in the direction you want to go, not in the direction that your out-of-date website pushes you. It's protecting your investment so that you don't become consumed with the costs and effort of upgrading all the time.

Imagine that you could create a new website that doesn't get obsolete. A website that, every night when you go to sleep, the latest functionality installed and updated for you. A website that is the best out there - automatically, every day. That's what we offer at Webmosphere. Our hosted solution is a system, built from the ground up for business owners like you, a system that has incorporated all the major tools a business needs, and not just the ones you need now, but the ones you will need in 3 months, and the ones you'll need next year. We constantly upgrade and add new features while you're asleep, so that you've always got the latest and greatest.

Get a Search Engine Optimised website at no extra cost!

It is almost universal that everybody is using Google to find news, information, products or services. No matter what your product or service is, the chances are that at this very moment there is someone looking for the expertise and help you can provide them. So, what are you doing to help them reach you? Being search engine friendly is about helping the search engines find and read your site and then place you on their search results pages, which in turn helps your prospective customers find and read about your business. Being search engine friendly is a matter of many things and many factors, the experts at Webmosphere will design your website with the general "rules" of success in mind- and this we believe will help your business tremendously.

We'll even throw in a free Newsletter Template with every custom website!

Our hosted content management system will give you 10,000 emails a month to help you keep in touch with your customers, and and you may well know, this is the most effective way to drive customers back to your website and keep them in the loop with your latest news and products. Email marketing involves sending an email to your customer database, or a group of customers in your database. Remember this isn't like spam in the slightest - you only send to customers who have given you permission, and you're sending them useful information they actually want to receive!

Let us build you a fantastic website for your business! Talk to us today.