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Sell any sort of products including e-products and have the ability to give individualized discounts to anybody. Our eCommerce websites include an integrated database that grows as visitors buy or interact with your online shop. There is a comprehensive inventory control system and you can cross and upsell items that are related or complimentary to each other. There is multi currency support for all countries so you can easily expand your target market. We will also give you the ability to sell gift vouchers.

Easy SEOtools are integrated too so you can better the chances of good ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing plus many others. There is a sophisticated reporting aboard and you will not need a plugin to get off the ground therefore our development prices are very competitive!

Easier Management of your Online Shop aided by an Integrated CRM.

Keep a history of all past purchases and easily give individualized loyalty discounts. You can apply a different discount for every catalogue and allow customers to view past orders and even redownload any e-products previously purchased. We make it easy for you to sSetup reoccurring orders and payments and there is automation of invoicing customers. In addition, there is unlimited customization and extension of the CRM to suit your business.

In order to facilitate faster management, there are import features that allow you to import and export your entire online shop including products, pricing, catalogues, product groups, inventory control and more from a single Excel file.

Catalogues, Products and eCommerce Reporting.

Our system allows you to setup an unlimited number of catalogues & products and also set release and expiry dates on them. In the case of downloadable products, our CMS gives you the ability to limit how many times and from which IP address they can be downloaded. Our CMS also allows you to set product weight, volume, etc for shipping management. There is a generous alowance of up to 12 product preview images for any product, and when it comes to the check-out, we can imlement both 'buy' and 'get quote' options.

We'll give you the ability to make any catalogue secure and hence sell products to members only, you can selectively hide prices, configure the order in which catalogues or products are ordered, use Business Catalyst's sophisticated product search capabilities which allows search by keywords, catalogues, price range, etc.

Business Catalyst has a sophisticated on-board e-commerce reporting framework that allows you track anything from customer behaviour, sales and payments, abandon rates and where abandon occurred, report on top performing items, etc. The detailed visitors reporting includes new vs returning, location, IP address, geo-location, etc. Geo-location shows you a map of the world world with tracking of usage for any part of your website. The best part of this is that you can export any report to Microsoft Excel for further analysis. There is also the possibility of creating an XML feed of all products to use with 3rd party affiliate networks.

Get the ability to upsell, cross-sell and group similar products together, for example by size or color. Up-selling and cross-selling helps you increase sales by relating products together, for example, you can relate a mobile phone to a charger and car kit. You can display related products separately or as checkboxes so the customer can add them to cart at the same time as buying the main product, or use product attributes to create any number of drop downs to collect information from customers when they add products to the cart, for example size, color, style, gender

Are you tired of your old online Shop?

Our web development team, through Business Catalyst, offer you a website with limitless customizability of the design of your online shop and the checkout process, invoices, quotes, emails, etc. On-board multi-currency support means you can sell globally but act local. Shipping options for various countries can be easily setup together with the various taxes that you have to comply with. In addition, there is a ton of payment gateways that we can integrate and will be happy to develop a suitable payment solution for you.

Advance inventory Control and shipping integration.

Get a complete inventory control CMS! Optionally hide products from the shop if they are out of stock, or allow any out-of-stock product to be pre-ordered. Our websites also give you the ability to set re-order thresholdsso you can be notified when a product's stock level falls below a certain quantity. Drop shipping can be integrated on any product to automatically notify suppliers to resupply.

Affiliate Programs

Setup any number of Affiliate Programs and report across an affiliate program or measure an individual affiliate's performance. You can then reward your affiliates based on predifined actions, for example, purchases and ammounts spent, enquiries made, etc. You can also easily email affiliate program details to subscribers

Ecommerce Web Development

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